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Trade Ladders

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Our LEADER PRO range of trade extension ladders are manufactured by us here in the United Kingdom. Using only the very highest quality of aluminium, you will not find a stronger trade ladder in it's class! We manage the complete process from punching the stiles to fixing the PVC high quality rubber feet.

A rung is born every 4 seconds in our factory using state of the art machinery. Our large "D" shaped rung is the most comfortable on the market today. You may ask how important are "D" shaped rungs?

As the ladder is leaned against the wall on a 45 degree lean the rungs should then become a place of comfort for the time you are on the ladder. D rung ladders give you nearly 2" of flat surface for your feet to rest on while the Square rung ladder gives you a corner to stand on. So imagine all your body weight standing on the corner of a square. So for comfort and a more secure footing, the D rung is better then the Square Rung in our opinion.

Picture on left is our Ladder showing "D Rung" picture on right is a major supplier showing Square Rung.

Our ladder is a true superior trade extension ladder. The Deflection of a ladder is very important when climbing the ladder, in layman terms it is the bounce you will feel when your climbing up the ladder, i.e., how much the ladder will bow under your body weight when climbing. A good solid trade ladder will have little bounce and in turn will make you feel lot safer when in use.

On our Large range of ladders we use a 86mm x 25mm Ladder Stile which is larger then most other ladders in this class!