A Brief Comparison of the Materials Used for Building Trade Towers

Trade towers are a great industrial product that helps your workers to ensure their safety when they have to take on projects at heights greater than two metres. Remember, you can only ensure the best safety of your work team if you buy a scaffold tower, which is prepared from the high-quality material that you are promised. Learn more about what trade towers are and their use, and then we will describe the materials that are currently used for preparing them. We then suggest the best material as well at the end of this informational article.

What are Trade Towers Used for?

Trade towers are certified according to the EN1004 standard and provide the best working safety. They are great for use in construction, expos and other industrial applications. They are basically a scaffold tower construction, with specifications that are designed for strong trade applications. If you get these towers from a local manufacturer in the UK, you can be sure of their durability and compliance.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the UK suggests that a scaffold tower is an ideal equipment for working at heights. Trade towers are perfect to ensure that your business can safely complete difficult projects and provide service in locations that are difficult to reach. However, you should always ensure that you use a reliable product, which is prepared in the best manner.

The Value of Trade Towers

Trade towers have great value for trade businesses. You can carry out tasks in a speedy manner. A scaffold tower offers a robust structure that you can erect at the worksite and start to complete the project in an accelerated manner. Good trade towers have locking braces which are easy to operate and allow you to make use of the non-slip platform to perform various tasks.

The good structure is often backed by the use of high-quality aluminium or steel. We will discuss these materials in the next section. A good trade tower offers excellent strength and multiple workers can use if required. However, a scaffold tower needs to be flexible and easy to use in a variety of environments. This is possible with the 3T (Through The Trapdoor) technique, which ensures that the product can be used with complete safety.

Trade towers are valuable because they can be easily altered and adjusted to provide workability for different heights. The right product is safe and can truly offer you the best use over a long period of time.

The Materials Used

There are different materials that may be used for creating trade towers. We will focus on the top two materials that are employed in the industry for creating a scaffolding tower.

Galvanised Steel

Galvanised steel is a material, which is commonly employed to create trade towers. The steel is prepared by applying a protective layer of zinc to steel. This prevents rusting for longer periods, as zinc developed sealed oxidation. The common way of galvanizing is to dip the steel in molten zinc and then polish it to create a uniform layer of the zinc coating.

Galvanised steel offers excellent advantages that protect steel from rusting. The zinc is a natural sacrificial anode, since it is always corroded earlier than steel, even if the steel is exposed. The scratched coating still provides protection. An additional layer of coating over zinc further improves the protection and allows the creation of strong equipment tools, such as trade towers.

Although galvanised steel has a much better service life, it is still susceptible to rusting, once the coating starts to wear off. This can easily happen in a scaffold tower, because it may be often moved around and assembled multiple times every month. A good tower may be prepared from steel, but another issue is that you will find it hard to move, as steel is heavy. A fully prepared tower may become too difficult to move. The extra weight may cause some buckling and product fatigue damage to the structure.

Galvanised steel is commonly used in the construction industry. It is an excellent material to produce frames, such as the ones that make up the primary structure of a scaffold tower. However, with new materials appearing in the market, steel may become a less renowned option, due to its susceptibility to rust, especially after use.


Aluminium is an amazing metal with countless uses. It is extremely light when compared to any variety of steel. It is perfect for use in applications, where we need flexibility over raw strength. Aluminium is the second most used metal in all the industries. Iron and steel are still the most used materials, but aluminium is now the first option in many industries.

The construction industry now uses aluminium in a variety of environments. Smart manufacturers now prefer to use high-grade aluminium in making light structures and scaffold towers. There are various aluminium alloys and varieties that are almost as strong as regular steel, but offer much better protection from rusting, decomposition and normal wear and tear.

When aluminium is used for creating trade towers, it easily offers the holding strength of around 200 kg/m2 area. This is enough to ensure that your workers can easily carry their heavy tools, place them on the platform and work with them for as long as they want, without ever denting or buckling the structure of the scaffold tower.

Aluminium trade towers are great because they do not have a rust problem, especially if you buy a tower, prepared from anodised aluminium. This material has a fine protective layer over the metal that ensures that the tower would have a long life without ever suffering from rust damage.

The Winner

Although galvanised steel is a great material, we believe that aluminium trade towers are the best, because they provide a combination of strength, flexibility and the ease of use, all combined in a single package.

If you are thinking about buying the ideal trade tower, then Leader’s aluminium trade towers from scaffoldtowers.co.uk are the perfect option for all your scaffold tower needs. Buy them and ensure that your business is well-supported for an infinite time!



Selecting the Ideal Podium Steps is Easy When You Know These Tricks

Safety officers now lover podium steps that are much safer than step ladders and they remain the best equipment that you can use working at low heights. They are approved by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the United Kingdom and provide a smart, 360-degree working structure for your employees. There are other qualities in these products as well, which you must consider to make the right choice.

Here, we describe what these podium steps are and then present a few tricks that will help you select the best podium step that works exactly like a good scaffold tower.

What is a Podium Step?

A podium step is an HSE approved working platform that allows workers to place their tools and working equipment on the ground level, by using the podium. They can them work by closing the gate of the podium steps, and ensuring that they do not pose a safety hazard to others during their working activities. They are a version of a scaffold tower, which is specially designed to cater to work that often needs to be performed a lot closer to the ground.

They are prepared to replace step ladders and they are very good at it. They protect the workers by using a one metre guardrail and a platform which a special non-slip surface. The industrial podium steps are prepared from high-grade materials and they can serve a business for several years, before needing repairs or replacement.

Now, we share some important tips and tricks that will help you decide which podium step to choose, for your low-level scaffold tower needs.

Check Weight

Podium steps must be moved around during work. A key trick is to select a product, which is easier to manage and set up in any working area. A good set of podiums steps is prepared from high-grade aluminium. It is a lightweight material, but one which provides the tensile strength that you need for performing industrial tasks in a successful manner.

Remember, a lightweight product is easier to manage and maintain. Your employees and professional may face problems when they often have to move heavy platforms around, which in turn, may affect their ability to work in a successful manner. The presence of ideal support equipment is important, as it allows your business to flourish and perform complex work tasks with complete dedication.

The Castors

An important element of good podium steps is the castors. An ideal podium step, such as the ones manufactured by Leader in the UK, usually have four excellent castors. They are fitted on a swivel, which allows your workers to move the platform in any direction that they want, for quickly working on different sections on a working site.

These castors should have wheels that have a great locking mechanism. The mechanism should ensure that the podium steps remain firm as a scaffold tower structure and never move an inch when a worker is using them to carry out important activities. The large wheels have a diameter of around five inches and they provide the perfect support in a variety of working environments.

You can also check whether the wheels fitted on a podium step follow the best practices that are described by the HSE. They should also be easily removed when you want to move the podium steps to a new location. Remember, the best podium steps are the ones that offer the best movement and stability in a single package with the use of lockable castors.

Non-Slip Platform

Although all podium steps have non-slip surfaces, you should select the one with a wide platform that allows your workers to easily stand up. A good platform does not buckle under weight, as it is strongly supported by a scaffold tower structure. The ideal podium steps have a chequered design that provides additional safety. Another good element is that a single person can easily use the platform by setting it up, installing the braces and then starting work, all in a coordinated manner.

The non-slip platform should have good definition and wide enough to easily house a worker and the tools that one requires to perform a task in an industrial setting. One way of ensuring about the platform would be to buy from a local vendor in the UK, as it will ensure that you get a compliant product and one which is prepared using the directives of the HSE for working on lower heights.


You should always order podium steps that come with free outriggers. These outriggers provide the additional safety that your platform needs. It also ensures that you can work without ever thinking about an accident that may happen due to an uneven surface. The outriggers are support elements that you should get with all podium steps.

Although most scaffold tower products are quite safe with lockable castors, the availability and the use of outriggers improves the safety of workers. It ensures that you can improve your business model and improve the efficiency of your workers. They would not have to worry about their safety and work with optimum efficiency.

The Guardrail

You should select podium steps that are fitted with an excellent guardrail system. The rail should be at least one metre high and provide fall protection in all conditions. Good podium steps also have this protection around the platform that ensures that your workers can use it from any side, without having to set up the steps after every few feet of a work site.

The rail must be safe to handle loads of up to 150 kilograms. This is more than the weight of most individuals and provides safety, even when a person is working with some equipment or supplies. This is a great working product if everything is installed in an ideal way. You should select a scaffold tower product that complies with all industrial certifications for work safety.

Leader podium steps are excellent and they have all the qualities that we have explained in this article. Visit us now and select the best product for your low-level working needs!




Components that Help You Maintain Your Industry Towers

An industry scaffold tower can serve you for a considerable time period. However, you can ensure that it provides you the ideal benefits on a continuous basis by supporting it through the ideal components that help it. Industry towers remain useful when the normal wear and tear is accepted by the owners and the required maintenance is carried out at the right time.

Here, we first share the importance of industry towers, then describe how you need access to industry tower components for their continuous use, and then suggest some common components that you will surely require from time to time, especially if you use multiple industry towers in your business.

Why Use Industry Towers?

Industry towers are the ideal safety work platforms that allow your workers to take on tasks where they need to go over the height of two metres to reach the intended work site. They are a great product for use in several industries, such as construction, interior designing and trade expos where work is required at various heights.

The industry towers are a product that allows you to work in compliance with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). They are designed with important features that ensure your workers can enjoy safety, convenience and the ability to consistently work at heights greater than two metres. A scaffold tower provides your workers the peace of mind that they need for successfully working and producing the highest quality of work, by eliminating the common dangers of construction and repair work.

Access to Tower Components

It is important that you have access to durable, high-quality and cost-effective tower components. Your business can continue at its optimum performance if it is supported by components that are procured from a top vendor. Leader is a great component producer in the UK for industry towers. You can contact them and gain access to a large inventory of components which you can employ any time you want.

Scaffold tower components are important because they ensure that your business remains compliant and can work with the various environments which your business needs to serve. High-grade components are prepared from materials that fully comply with the HSE requirements and also follow the PASMA regulations.

The important point is to make a connection with a reputed local vendor, so that you can always access a large component inventory. This will allow you to ensure that you do not face hurdles in your business activities. The main fact is that you should establish a strong control over your professional activities, which is only possible when you can rely on the quality of service that you are receiving with the use of the available equipment.

In fact, selecting the ideal company will allow you to receive the required scaffold tower parts, without paying for their transportation. Such a vendor will provide you excellent support service, which you need in order to work on projects that have strict deadlines. Remember, the replacement products should have the desired quality and ensure that you gain the same level of performance that your industry tower initially had.

Key Tower Components

There are several components that make a complete industry tower. You need various braces, ladders, frame elements, castors, outriggers and legs just to name a few important elements of a scaffold tower. Here, we describe some important ones to give you more information about the tower components that you truly need to ensure that your industry towers can offer you the desired level of support.


The scaffold construction is based on using different types of scaffold braces. There are horizontal braces that support platforms. There are diagonal braces that provide safety and structural strength to various scaffold tower designs. There are also vertical braces that make up the overall structure of the industry towers from the top to the bottom.

The braces are available in different sizes. They are ordered according to the product that you have in your inventory. Since there are different industry towers out there, you need to buy braces in your inventory to support the models that you have in your business unit. You can get any brace that fits in any location from a reputed vendor.

Just remember that you can find out which brace is failing and measure its size. Then you can order it from a reputed vendor and ensure that you have a fully functional scaffold tower product.

Ladder Frames

Ladder frames are present in industry towers to support the ladder, which is installed within the infrastructure of the tower. These frames protect the ladder and ensure that everyone can safely use the tower. The frames have a different size for single-width and double-width models. Usually, the models are sold according to their specifications to support various scaffold tower products from top manufacturers in the UK.

These frames are also available in two, three and four rung settings. The various rungs provide a longer or shorter structure and you can use the ideal one, according to the height of your own scaffold tower. The right frame structure ensures that climbing ladders are safe and your staff can once again resume the use of a scaffold tower, which may be decommissioned due to a damage or broke ladder frame support.

Outriggers and Stabilisers

Another set of the required supplies is the outriggers. These are metal parts that provide stability and ensure that your industry towers have solid support when you have fixed them in a single place for work.


Castors are important, since they allow your scaffold tower to move around and establish new positions to continue work in a different location. A good scaffold tower can quickly move a new location and complete a work project in a record amount of time. Good castors, when used with the ideal legs, can provide mobility and strong working ability to the industry towers.

If you are looking for the best industry tower components, then you should buy the replacements for a reputed store, such as the Leader that offers ideal components for all types of scaffold towers!




Single Width Towers – A Great Product for Most Applications

A single width tower is an ideal working platform in various applications where you only need a single person to operate on heights. It is often available in multiple heights and you can find one, which works out the best solution for your business needs. Here, we first describe you the concept of using a single width scaffold tower and then suggest the advantages that you may get with its use, in various economic and industrial applications.

Single Width Scaffold Tower

A single width scaffold tower is defined as a special working platform, which allows for a single worker to easily ensure that they can safely work at heights, greater than two metres. The tower is created in such a manner as to eliminate falling hazard. Since there is a platform in this product, it essentially removes the problem of dropping a tool during work and cause injury to other workers at the ground level.

This type of scaffold tower is suitable for a number of trade and industrial purposes. It is sufficient for use in most applications, where the work task at height is perfect for a single person to tackle, such as removing an equipment element or servicing a device installed near the ceiling. It is also perfect for inspecting the different parts of tall industrial machines with complex sections.

The single width tower is perfect for your commercial needs, especially if you buy it from a local vendor. You will enjoy several advantages and also ensure that your business is compliant with the requirements of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the United Kingdom.


There are several benefits of using single width towers in your commercial and industrial applications. Here, we share some top benefits of these scaffold tower products that should truly enhance the capacity of your professionals.

Lower Cost

Most work tasks can be completed by one or two individuals using a platform. This means that you may need just the right kind of platform to support them. A single width tower in this regard is perfect, as it saves costs because of its smaller platform and structure. Costs are important and they need to be ideally controlled by a business to achieve the best results.

Lower cost of a single width tower is a perfect reason for using it for carrying out tasks, where you still need to provide safety to your workers but keep greater control of your operational costs to generate the intended profits.

Space Benefit

A single width scaffold tower is a perfect product to use in small spaces, where it can be difficult to assemble large towers and move them around to different work areas. It is small when compared to other options and does not take up much space. This compact structure makes it an ideal item to support your employees and provide them with a tool that they can easily employ anywhere in your facility.

Most single width towers are just 0.72 metres wide. Although this provides an excellent space benefit, the width may become too small to actually support the tools of a worker, especially one who requires the use of specific tools. You get the ideal single width towers from a vendor such as Leader, which offers 0.85 metres wide towers. This is perfect for use in a variety of applications and offers a solution to working at heights in a safe and successful manner.

Improved Safety

If you compare the performance of single width towers, you find that they offer marked improvement over the ladders, which are often used in several workplaces, there is a clear safety benefit. The use of a scaffold tower provides marked safety improvements in the workplace. This improved safety can then be shared with prospective clients to improve brand recognition and ensure that you share the information that your company is capable of taking care of difficult projects.

The safety also improves because the scaffold tower offers inherent safety. It uses a framework which reduces the chances of accidents in all situations. They are ideal for providing required safety in several key industries. Now, we describe you another important advantage.

The Ladder

You also get the benefit of a strong method to climb the single width tower in the form of an integrated ladder. This offers ideal support when your workers are moving to the top of the platform. Another advantage is that since this ladder is fixed in its place, there is no chance of ever losing the ladder, which often happens in crowded workplaces.


The single width tower has several adjustable settings, which ensure that you can employ the scaffold tower to enjoy the best advantages that are on offer. The legs and the castors are often adjustable, which ensure that the product can be employed in a variety of ways. The flexibility of this product surely means that it is a must have item for industries which require dynamic platforms.

Buying from Local Vendors

When you buy a single width scaffold tower, you gain amazing advantages. You are sure of receiving the products on time. You can also ensure that the product you will have is locally compliant and you can use it without ever worrying about obtaining a certificate from a local authority. Other advantages include getting a timely delivery as well as having a strong support channel where you can present your problems and find the ideal solutions.

If you get a product from a renowned vendor such as Leader, you get the benefit of receiving a product which is tried and tested by customers belonging to different industries and business units. You get a durable product which comes with a CE compliance certificate, which can be employed throughout Europe.


If you are not sure where to get the best single width tower, you can always get Leader scaffold towers for all your industrial needs. They are prepared from top quality aluminium and offer safety for your workers in different working environments!


Double Width Towers – Ideal for Heavy Commercial Applications

Double width towers are a special type of scaffold tower, which are designed with high-quality aluminium and steel. They are termed as double-width, because they have a much wider platform, which is suitable for complex tasks that may require the worker to use different tools. There are several benefits that you gain from these amazing scaffold towers.

It is important though to buy a scaffold tower from a good manufacturer or supplier. Here, we share the benefits of buying a double width tower from a good local vendor and then suggest how you can employ these towers to improve your business functionality.

Benefits of Local Vendor

A local vendor such as Leader can truly provide you amazing scaffold tower benefits. First, you can be sure of receiving any support that you need in order to properly use a double width tower. Next, you can directly contact the vendor by email or phone and discuss the details of a particular scaffold tower solution that you are looking for.

Another advantage that you get is to receive a compliant product. A locally prepared double width tower is CE compliant and can be used with complete surety and confidence. Local vendors are aware of the requirements of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) of the UK and they ensure that all elements employed in their product adhere to the high standards set up by the local authorities.

A key benefit is that you take part in developing the local community and provide the local vendors the professional support that they need to perform better in terms of preparing better scaffold tower models. Local vendors are also more reactive and can offer solutions at a quicker pace, when compared with a product that you get from an overseas vendor.

If your work projects often depend on the use of double width towers, you will find that a local vendor ensures that your supply chain is reduced and you can carry out the required business functions at an accelerated pace.

You also improve the environment when you buy from local vendors. This occurs because you reduce the need for international shipping as well as reduce the components that are often required for transporting double width towers to distant places. These cost reductions save energy and produce a positive impact on the environment.

Benefits of Double Width Towers

A double width scaffold tower offers all the advantages that we associate with normal towers and then goes on to provide more. Here, we share the top advantages of using these products, especially for civil, engineering and interior designing industries.

Additional Space

Although there are several advantages, we start with the most important benefit of double width towers, which is the presence of additional space on a wider platform. A typical double width tower platform is around one and a half metres wide, which ensures that only multiple workers can use; they can also use the available stable space to place their tools and carry out extensive tasks at difficult to reach heights.

This additional space is the main difference of these towers when compared to the single width towers. Not only is this space available for placing items, it also allows the workers to freely move around the workspace and ensure that they are more comfortable when they must work at a task for a considerable time period.

The manoeuvring on offer by the double width scaffold tower means that you can carry out the required tasks at a faster pace. This is a special benefit for the construction and the maintenance industry, where your business often has to follow a difficult schedule and ensure that it can complete a task within the allotted time, no matter what difficulties are present in completing the task.

Height Options

The double width towers, when bought from a good vendor, such as Leader are available for working at different heights. You can select the various options that usually start from the height of 1.2 metres and may go up as high as 10.2 metres. Remember, these are the heights of the platform. It is normal to assume that you can reach around two metres more when standing on the platform.

A scaffold tower becomes a great option when you have so many heights to choose from. Since all the double width towers procured from a vendor are assembled and prepared in the same manner, your staff does not need to learn about the installation processes every time you buy a different tower.

The myriad of available height options means that you can easily get a tower that works according to the height at which your projects lie. It is a good practice to first take important measurements and then make an important decision about the scaffold towers that you should get for your business. Just make sure that you calculate and factor in the height of the worker who will be ordinarily standing up on the platform during a work activity.

Improved Safety

The double width towers provide improved safety features over trade ladders and other towers that are narrower. Although these towers may need more space for assembling and navigating around the work area, they are ideal for ensuring that you can work at any height without having to change the settings too much as you have to do with a ladder.

If you get a double width scaffold tower from a local vendor, such as Leader, you find that it complies with the related certifications and industry standards that apply in the UK. The improvement in the safety reduces accidents in workplaces and allows your business to provide a better quality of work in a consistent manner.

Safety is also improved because any staff member can use a double width tower, while you must be careful about who is working at the top of a ladder, which does not provide the same level of fall safety.


Leader is an excellent vendor of double width towers. You can order a scaffold tower of the ideal height from us and ensure that your projects are safer and your teams can carry them out at a brisk pace!

Which Industry Tower is the Best One for My Needs?

An industry tower allows your business to get the support required to work under difficult conditions. There are several options that you have when going for a support equipment tool, required for safe operations. Here, we first describe what an industry scaffold tower is and then compare the two main options that you have to implement in your business.

Industry Scaffold Tower

An industry scaffold tower allows your industry to make sure that it benefits from the use of a safety device which provides a working platform for professionals that need to work at dangerous heights and difficult places. There are several industries, such as construction, interior designing and trade exhibitions that make use of safety scaffold towers.

An industrial tower should always be prepared according to the latest CE certifications. This ensures that the scaffold tower product will be reliable and offer the required level of safety under any industrial application. It is truly a product that allows easy access to different working environments. Now, we describe the options that you have when buying industry towers for your various commercial needs.

Single Width Towers

The first option is a single width scaffold tower. This tower is ideal for most purposes. If you run a normal business and often have work projects on heights, a single width tower will be a great addition to your business equipment. A good tower of this type conforms to the EN1004 standard. It employs the 3T method and often comes with at least four castors.

The castors available in these towers come with breaking systems, and this allows you to either use the tower as a mobile platform or fix it properly in one place to work consistently on a particular work project in your business. The legs are adjustable on these models and there is an excellent guard rail at the top to ensure that workers can use for complete safety.

A good single width tower uses ribbed tubing and braces. This allows users to quickly identify parts during assembly and installation. The frame spigots in these models are also excellent and capable of proving a nice working support for your workers.

If you get single width towers from local manufacturers, then you receive the ideal support and the best product. These towers follow the relevant industry standards and provide a scaffold tower that offers the safest working environment. If these towers are prepared according to the highest quality standards, you would never need a stronger product for most of your industrial needs.

However, there are times where you need stronger support. This is especially true for working environments, where the professionals must rely on heavy support tools that they cannot carry on their body for extended time periods. What you need in such cases is the next type that we describe here for your requirements.

Double Width Towers

Sometimes, you need a double width tower to make sure that multiple persons can work on different levels at once. This is possible with this kind of scaffold tower, which allows for using two platforms placed at different heights. You can complete a project much faster, by ensuring that you divide the overall work task and put multiple workers to safely carry out the required project.

As the weight is actually distributed separately on platforms, it is important to get double width towers when your needs are multiple and you need strong industrial support. These towers are great for a heavy workload, which is often required in the construction industry. It is also a great platform for use in other industries, especially ones that house machinery on multiple levels and the workers often have to check the machinery on different heights.

A double width scaffold tower is a special product for such purposes. If you buy the tower from an ideal local vendor, you can ensure that you get a compliant product, especially one that provides ideal working benefits in different work environments. These towers use the 3T method, which ensures that you will get the safest working platform for use in different working environments. The castors available with these products are also designed to support such a scaffold tower and allow your workers to enjoy the complete safety offered by the use of ideal tower equipment.

Double width towers are perfect for industries that often work on a variety of projects requiring a constant change in the working heights. With a single width tower, you need to keep changing the position or employ a ladder for work at the lower height. However, a double width industrial tower allows your workers to smartly tackle projects and ensure that they can work at full speed to get the job done in the least amount of time.

Which One’s Better?

You may be wondering which is the right product for your business needs. Unfortunately, only you have the answer to this question. If your working needs are limited, and you can define them over a long period of time, a single width tower will work perfectly for you. However, if your industry deals with projects where your workers often have to take on large tasks, which they cannot complete from a single support, then you need a double width platform to provide the best scaffold tower support.

We believe that what is more important is the quality of the scaffold tower that you are buying. Selecting a product from a reputed local vendor is the best solution. This will allow you to access industrial towers with which you receive the ideal support. You can always contact the company and then get the desired product solution if you face any problems.

Remember, single width tower is perfect for individual professionals. You should get a double width tower if most tasks in your industry require multiple workers at different levels.

One of the best vendors available in the UK is the Leader. They offer amazing single width and double industrial ladders. Visit them to find the ideal platform support and safety for your business needs!



Learning about Trade Ladders is Important for the Best Trade Tower Use

Trade ladders have been used for performing various activities now for several decades. A good ladder is still capable of providing an ideal level of functionality. Although a scaffold tower in the form of trade towers is a safer choice, there are plenty of situations where you can get the job done, by using the traditional trade ladders.

Learning about trade ladders also allows you to understand the best industrial and professional practices of working at heights. This allows you to even better understand the use of a trade tower, and ensure that you can use the right product in every possible scenario. Here, we first describe the construction of a good trade ladder, then discuss its important applications and finally describe how you translate this information to learn about the use of a trade tower.

Trade Ladder and Its Aspects

A trade ladder is usually a ladder with can be extended to work at different heights. A ladder manufactured in the United Kingdom follows strict quality guidelines, and is usually prepared from the best aluminium as the material of use. Plastics and rubber compounds are employed to produce strong support for the steps where the feet are placed.

A ladder is best used when it is employed at 45 degrees. This is the optimum position where the fall hazard is at its least value. However, when the ladder is angled, it may get difficult to stand on the steps during work. Also, it is only ideal for work if you do not have to go above the height of two metres, during workplace and professional activities.

Although not as safe as a scaffold tower, the use of a D shaped step and the working requirements of around a few feet is a perfect application for a trade ladder. A good ladder uses the extension mechanism. This ensures that you are always climbing the stairs at an optimum level and this allows you to stay away from the harm’s way.

An important point to consider when using trade ladders is the weight and height of the user. The deflection of a trade ladder becomes important when a professional is climbing, as it may produce a bouncy response when trodden. A good trade ladder is the one, which does not produce much bounce and allows users to perform the task, without worrying about a tripping hazard.

The Applications of Trade Ladders

A scaffold tower is a great option to use, when working on heights and on units which are difficult to reach using normal tools. However, trade ladders are more than capable of providing an amazing service in multiple situations and have a great tool that most businesses should have for their working needs.

A trade ladder is great for use in the construction and interior designing industries. They are also used by businesses that provide servicing of electronic and mechanical equipment which is often installed on the walls. A trade ladder is versatile by nature and you can employ it for any work, which requires you to reach out to a height.

The aluminium trade ladders are often as good as a scaffold tower, especially if you buy them from a good local vendor. They can be used in any domestic application, while you can also employ them for trade activities, which may include repairing work and commercial tasks, such as putting up signs and connecting items.

The use of trade ladders is for any application, where it is important to eliminate the risk of working at a height. A good ladder should still be used with care and never employed to go at a height where a fall hazard becomes a strong possibility. Another key application for using a trade ladder when you are bound to follow the required rules and regulations in your business.

A trade ladder will always have the required level of compliance that you need for carrying out trade tasks in the right way. You can ensure that you are following the directives of the relevant authorities, and your business will not falter to show your clients that you take health and safety of your workers seriously and provide them the best working environments.

Using Trade Towers

The information that we have described above easily translates to the use of trade towers. A scaffold tower improves the performance of a trade ladder by a considerable margin. It is an expensive product when compared to a ladder but offers you the advantage of providing complete working safety to your workers. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the UK calls for using trade towers whenever the working heights go above two meters at the foot level.

Trade towers are great for taking to trade expos and setting up your demonstration space in an ideal manner. They are also great for the construction industry. If you are a contractor and often have to install or service equipment which is installed in hard to reach over the head places, then using a trade tower is the perfect solution to all your problems.

Remember, you need to follow the same safety practices with a scaffold tower as you would do with trade ladders. The availability of a better proposition should not mean that you compromise on good professional practices. You also comply with the ideal HSE requirements and this allows you to expand your business operations and provide more assured services to your prospective clients.

A good trade tower can also come with a folding mechanism, just like an extension ladder. This means that you can stow away your scaffold tower and only take it out when it is required to safely work at heights. A folding tower is great for other trade applications as well, and will truly empower you to get the best work done. The trade towers are available for use at different heights too.

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Scaffold Towers – The Need of the Industry

A scaffold tower is a great safety device, which provides security to workers that need to reach heights. There are several industries that need the safety offered by products such as scaffold towers. Here, we will first describe the construction of these working towers. We will then suggest how they provide various advantages to the industries, especially several construction and civil works businesses.

The Construction of Scaffold Towers

Scaffold towers start to provide and require safety the moment their construction is underway. All towers come with manufacturer’s instructions on how to prepare them and erect them for safety use. Every part is required to be fitted properly and use a coordinated assembling and disassembling process during use.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the UK provides support and the important regulations about the use of a scaffold tower. It is best that you get such a tower from a local vendor or supplier, rather than get it from some part of Asia, where you may not be sure about the quality and compliance of the final product.

Once you get a scaffold tower from a reputed manufacturer in the UK or from Europe, you can ensure that it conforms to the HSE standards and allows your business to use it to carry out otherwise, dangerous tasks at heights greater than two metres.

Materials for Scaffold Towers

There are a few options that are available for use in a scaffold tower. Each of these options offers its particular advantages. The primary options are aluminium and steel. Fibre glass towers are also available for use, for working on electrical products. Steel is the best option for people who want to get a product, which is inexpensive, yet offers excellent fall protection.

Aluminium is an excellent choice, because it is lightweight, easy to move around and remains protected from rust and wear and tear over time. An aluminium scaffold tower is easy to prepare as a DIY project and allows your business the flexibility to employ these towers according to your particular use.

Advantages of Using Scaffold Towers

There are various advantages of using scaffold towers in your professional activities. The construction industry can especially enjoy the elements that appear with the use of a scaffold tower. Here, we bring a discussion about the best of these advantages.

The Required Safety

There is a level of safety which is required in every business, especially in the construction industry. You can achieve the required level of security when you employ good-quality scaffold towers and use them as per the instructions provided by the manufacturer. The required safety delivered with the use of a scaffold tower should conform to the HSE safety standards in the UK.

The safety is also offered due to the special design of these scaffold towers. They allow workers to use the platform, which is protected by a guardrail system to stop a fall hazard. This creates a safe working environment, where the professionals can focus on the task at hand and never worry about putting themselves in a dangerous situation.

Remember, the quality of the scaffold tower is an important factor in describing the safety that it can provide. The selected tower is beneficial it offers the required use according to the number of professionals onsite and the task which is required to be performed with the use of these products.

The Right Balance

Construction sites often require work activities where you may have to bend over or reach out to get to a particular spot. These are activities that require exceptional balance and any product that may help you balance better provides an advantage. A scaffold tower is great in this regard, since you can work on it without having to worry about balancing the tool itself.

This is the reason behind the HSE guidelines switching to the use of scaffold towers in place of ladders, which simply do not provide the same level of balance for the common workplace activities in the construction industry. This balance offered by the use of a tower, is always consistent and has nothing to do the way the equipment is placed.

This gives the scaffold towers an advantage over other products such as ladders, which can only work well when they are placed within certain sloping and flooring limits. Remember, getting a scaffold tower from a trusted local manufacturer will ensure that you receive a product that provides excellent balance in any construction use situation.


A scaffolding tower is a great working tool for the construction industry. It provides the flexibility of working at different heights. The manufacturer provides the required instructions to set the tower up to work at different places as required during a construction project. You can also assemble a tower when required and work on repairing and servicing projects as and when required in your professional industry activities.

The flexibility offered with the use of a tower is backed by its ability to provide a solid platform and an easy method to work at different heights. This allows construction workers to ensure that they produce a higher quality of work and deliver on strong standards that you want to provide for your clients.

Excellent Position

Scaffold towers provide a great working position and therefore, can be the primary force behind the creation of a successful construction project. A good scaffold tower successfully replaces the use of traditional ladders in the construction industry and provides the perfect ability to work on any height. A professional can always attain an excellent position and ensure that they fully focus on the task at hand.

A scaffold tower works as a stable structure and can still move around, just like a ladder. It offers a horizontal platform which allows a professional to place their tools close to them and work directly on difficult to reach locations.

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Need to Attend a Trade Expo? Take a Scaffold Tower with You

Going to attend a trade expo? Are you managing one for the construction and the manufacturing industry? You need all the help that you can get to create an ideal scenario for promoting your business products and services. This may mean that you must set up your stall and often create a virtual working environment which may include a high structure.

What you need as a solution  is a scaffold tower, which allows you to work at heights safely. Here, we discover what a trade tower is and then present you the different ways in which it can be employed in an expo. We will then suggest some excellent advantages of using folding trade towers for various business activities.

What is a Trade Tower?

If you are engaged in several trading activities or often have to create changing setups for trade expos, a trade tower is an ideal product for your business needs. A scaffold tower that provides a stable platform for workers to operate at heights of two metres or above. You require the use of such a tower to ensure that you adhere to the requirements of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the United Kingdom.

A trade tower is working platform made of steel or aluminium used in various environments. It is best used for performing interior decoration in trade expos and is also ideal for use when you should place items in different places in either a construction site or in a display centre.

Using a Trade Tower

There are several ways to employ a scaffold tower for trade purposes. The first use of a trade tower is to set up an ideal display centre and place decorations on the working space and also create the environment, to create an excellent first impression on the visitors.

On the other hand, the same use means that a trade tower is an excellent product for places that often play host to such expos and fares. They can employ a safe scaffold tower to prepare the place for every event and ensure that they offer this service to the customers that they are serving during each event. The ideal trade towers have a folding structure, which means they can be conveniently stored and only taken out when required to work at heights that need a safe environment.

Additionally, building activities can be performed faster by the use of folding towers. These towers have adjustable legs that allow them to be used in a variety of scenarios. The required height can be achieved by implementing a setup that moves up in increments of two meters. The workers can easily stand up on the platform at the required height, and carry out a host of building and decorating activities.

A scaffold tower which can carry out these trade activities is ideally required to following the latest industry standards. If you buy a trade tower from the right manufacturer, you get the advantage of receiving amazing benefits that we explain in the next section.

Advantages of Using Folding Trade Towers

Folding trade towers offer numerous advantages. Here, we discuss a few important ones that will truly help you select the ideal scaffold tower product and then buy it to use when attending a trade expo.

1. Speed

Speed is the primary reason behind using trade towers to set up exhibitions and carry out important renovation and interior designing activities. You can quickly set up a folding trade tower and place an item that needs to go at a height, not easily accessible without the use of a conveyance system. If you need to place a decoration item in an exhibition, a scaffold tower will allow you quickly set it up without losing any vital marketing time and effort.

2. Availability

A folding scaffold tower is easily available throughout the UK if you contact the right manufacturer. You can get it quickly and ensure that you make use of it to carry out different trade activities. You may also enjoy its robust ability to provide you service under all conditions. Whether you want to remove an item hanging above from a high ceiling, or want to provide service to your exhibition area; the trade tower will help you in all respects.

3. Strong Design

A trade tower may not seem very strong, but it has a very stable structure. It has enough strength to allow multiple workers to use the platform and really speed up the required trading activities. This makes it an ideal tool to take with you to a trade expo to get the job done, whenever there is a task that needs strong support in terms of having to work at heights.

A strong design ensures that such a scaffold tower can be used in the same manner as a traditional ladder, which can be quickly deployed. However, a trade tower offers a much stronger supporting platform which makes it an ideal equipment item for both trade users, as well as DIY enthusiasts.

4. Compact

A trade tower is great to take with you to an expo, because it is compact due to having a folding design. The slip resistant surface that it has for a platform is ideal for providing excellent support when you or your worker are climbing the tower to carry out different activities. The different sections of these towers can be easily moved from place to place and employed to provide you with the best support during exhibition scenarios.

5. Ease of Use

A scaffold tower, when employed as a folding trade tower, is easy to use and allows anyone with a basic understanding of safety methods to work with them. The tower is already fully scrutinised during its production and every important instruction is carefully mentioned to the professional buying the tower, especially one from a local vendor.


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5 Qualities of the Best Podium Steps

Podium steps are used in a variety of environments. It is important to carefully assess their quality and efficiency, before buying them for your business needs. Here, we will first describe what are the podium steps and the materials from which they are prepared. Then, we will present the five qualities that you should consider before buying podium step, which may be prepared using a scaffold tower construction.

What is a Podium?

A podium is best described as a small platform which people can use to stand out from the crowd and connect with an audience. A podium can be very small and only cater to a single person’s use. In this use, it can allow a person to make a speech or conduct an orchestra. The main idea behind using podium steps is to give prominence to an individual and allow them to gain the attention of their audience.

However, there is another use of podium steps in the UK which is not known by many individuals. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the country now suggests using podium steps for any task that requires working at a lower height, than the one required for a scaffold tower. This means that if workers need to tackle a project that requires climbing around one meter, a podium platform becomes the most excellent choice.

Qualities of The Best Podium Steps

There are some important characteristics of podium steps that make them ideal for use in terms of creating a safe working environment. Here, we describe the few important qualities that you should consider as a customer before buying podium steps from a good local vendor.

1. Working at Low Level

Safety officers in the UK now only approve work at a low level only if a business employs podium steps. Therefore, you should always find out if a podium is designed to support low level work. This is possible when there is a guard rail present around the podium platform which stops anyone from entering the working environment.

The guard rail around the podium must also be lockable, because only then it can be considered as a safe product. The height of the rail needs to be one metre, which is the value that you should look for, in a high-quality podium product.

2. Non-Slip Nature

A podium step designed for safety work needs to have a non-slip working platform. Good podium manufacturers ensure that they use a pattern from good metals that ensures that a user will not slip on the surface. The use of a friction based design also ensures that the user will remain protected from a fall hazard. Although, this is also achieved through the use of a one-metre high guard rail that provides support to your workers.

3. The Right Size and Weight

A great quality of podium steps is that they are available in different sizes, just like a scaffold tower. This allows you to get the one with the size most suitable for your safety needs. There are also podium steps which can easily change the required sizes and provide effortless transition for the changing needs of your workers, especially when working at a low-level but for extended periods of time.

The five different podium sizes that you can get when buying from the right vendor, will allow you to work in different environments. You can ensure that you can provide the required level for your workers in just a matter of a few minutes.

HSE Compliance

Podium steps that you buy should always comply to the HSE rules and regulations for working at heights. A strong guardrail system with the ability to support around 150 Kg ensures that your workers are safe from a safe hazard. This is also required for ensuring that your business is HSE compliant and will not face any issue from the relevant government authorities.

4. Assembly Method

A podium step which is difficult to assemble and takes time for preparation is simply not good enough for your business needs. A quality that you should always consider is to buy a podium which is easy to assemble and use whenever you need it. Such a podium efficiently works as a lower scaffold tower and allows your work team to assemble it whenever they need to work on a certain project.

The best podium platforms are the ones which can be easily assembled by a single person. These are steps which can be unfolded first and then the platform can be fitted in the right place. Always get the podium step which you find can be easily assembled by your workers and will not cause any problems when used in different working environments that your business may face.

5. The Right Castors

Podium steps can be moved around so that your workers can shift their focus from one place of work to the other one. However, a good podium is the one, which uses high-grade castor wheels which will easily operate under all conditions. These wheels should have a locking mechanism so that the platform does not move around, especially if workers are operating near it all the time.

A good podium step has excellent castor wheels which can be locked and are large enough to support the weight of a person or articles that may be required to work at a particular location. The presence of large, five-inch castors ensures that a podium can be used with complete consistency, much like how you would operate a scaffold tower, when working at heights greater than two metres.

The presence of castors also means that you can easily move the podium steps when they are not in use and are present in a folded state. You can comfortably move them to your van, which ensures that you do not have to do a lot of heavy lifting as is required with steps that are not supported by large castors.


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